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    Firebird is an excellent quality
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knives Firebird


The unique range of goods of FIREBIRD trademark manufactured by our Ganzo factory is presented on our Firebirdsteel.com website.

Knives, Multi-tools are produced under this trademark. Great popularity of FIREBIRD products in many countries of Europe, Asia and the USA allow rightfully claim that FIREBIRD is an excellent choice for any case of life. These tools perfectly suit for tourism and travel, they are chosen by fishermen and hunters, sportsmen and professionals in various branches.

What makes our brand so attractive? Each of the directions is represented by really wide range, so that every customer wil have the opportunity to choose the model with suitable dimensions, functionality and design. High-quality materials are used for each product to provide their long-term usage. The quality of any knife or multi-tool is confirmed by our manufacturer's warranty. In addition, direct deliveries from warehouse allow FIREBIRD to offer the most beneficial price on all tools and flexible system of discounts for wholesale and dealers.

Our customers will certainly find in the range of Firebird the model according to the individual taste. After all, they are made on the basis of our own development experts and leading achievements in this field. Thus, Firebird knives differ not only in the appointment, but also design type, the choice of materials and ways of their processing. These are the models for hunters, tourists, fans of extreme recreation, sports, for everyday use in an urban environment. They can be different size, color and shape. But any of the models surely undergoes the certification, demonstrating that it isn't not a cold steel.

The Firebird multi-tools are really multitask. It's a tiny, but very universal workshop in your pocket. The number of functions in the set is individually for each model and can reach more than two dozen. And the huge number of models allows you to select the multi-tool with optimal for you list of tools. An important characteristic of Firebird multi-tool is its size: compact or full-size. Furthermore, the models can differ by color and the general approach to design, by weight.

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