Today the range of Firebird trademark includes a set of the most various knives, multi-tools and sharpeners. Each of the provided tools has a particular range of application and own, unique design, combined with high manufacturing quality and reasonable cost. It makes the Firebird products one of the best in the world market.

The Firebird trademark enhances production technologies from year to year, improving quality of products. Exactly such approach of "continuous improvement" allowed the brand to gain the worldwide popularity. However, the production under this trademark isn't limited by the same models and their modification. In the range of Firebird products new samples of knives, multi-tools and sharpeners constantly arrive. And with each release, the made goods become better and better, and "fresh" models receive a new design, the improved spare parts and more thoughtful design.

The changes apply to all types of products, but more often Firebird improves and releases new models of knives. The production of blades is the main direction of the trademark.

New items also appear among the multi-tools. Firebird managers perfectly understand that such a universal tool as a multi-tool can be useful in the most various situations. Thus, quality and durability directly influence the possibility of solving user problems and, accordingly, the trademark's name. For this reason Firebird constantly supplements lines of multi-tools with the new samples, having the best characteristics, than already existing models.

Accordingly, also the range of sharpeners that will provide the best quality and convenient sharpening for all blade types is periodically updated.

All new products, presented at the moment, have been carefully tested. Thereby, they are guaranteed to provide usability to user and will serve for a long time.