Warranty, Support & Service

Send your questions about Warranty, Support, Service and Repair on our e-mail: [email protected]. Please, write your request with information, which includes: date, place of purchase and description of issue (with photo please, if you can provide it).

Firebird company provides a one-year guarantee for the entire list of its products from the date of its purchase. Firebird ensures completely those guarantees that are provided for knives, sharpeners and multi-tools. At the same time if a production defect is detected (which is unlikely, since all products are thoroughly tested at every stage of production), the customer has the right to exchange the product for another within two weeks after purchase.Firebird guarantees that all knives, multi-tools and sharpeners can be used immediately after purchase and do not require any additional preparation. The tools for which this is true are already qualitatively sharpened, all elements are carefully adjusted so that there are no gaps, and the product is complete.

Even in intensive daily use Firebird multi-tools, knives and sharpeners will properly serve its owner for a long period of time. If, however, under the terms of correct operation, any tool fails, its replacement or repair will be totally free. To do this, you should send the broken knife or multi-tool to a service center for a complete diagnosis, identification of possible causes and repair techniques. All this work will be carried out as soon as possible. However, the customer should carefully review the terms of the guarantee and those cases where it can be lost.

Also to be noted is that the long guarantee period Firebird company ensures because only high-quality materials including 440 stainless steel (it is mainly 440C solid steel which retains well the sharpening) are used in production of knives, sharpeners and multi-tools. Firebird provides individual characteristics for each model of knife, multi-tool, or sharpeners. It is of equal importance that with the same quality Firebird products are essentially more affordable.

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