Today, as well as many centuries ago, it is almost impossible to imagine that the person was engaged in the solution of any task without special subsidiary tools. After all, they facilitate performance of work and make it the most comfortable and safe for the person. One of such hand tools is a knife. This tool was invented extremely long time ago and is used by the man almost everywhere for several thousand years. Of course the construction and design of this tool constantly changed. A lot of blades varieties appeared, intended for specific tasks.

Currently, there are quite a few companies engaged in production of a such hand tool like a knife. Every company has a range of unique models which are suitable for a particular task. And one of the most popular brands in this industry is Firebird. Under our trademark a variety of knives is produced for everyday use, campaigns and other outdoor activities for more than 20 years. And during this time our manufacturer managed to master a variety of technologies and manufacturing nuances, which help to produce only high quality blades.

In our range it is possible to find knives as a fixed blade and a folding structure models. Each sample has a specific purpose. It was created specifically for use in such situations, taking into account the increased demands to the reliability and durability of the entire construction.

Firebird responsibly refers to the knives production. it can be noted in a detailed examination of practically any knife and its components.

So, for production of knives with folding or fixed blade, often high-quality stainless steel grade are used: 440C, 420C, and 4116. These types of steel are known for excellent resistance to corrosion, even in case of prolonged contact with the active substances and good indicators of durability. For this reason Firebird knives withstand heavy loads. Firebird knives blades hold sharpening for a long time and easily regrinding in skillful hands thanks to used metal in production.

According to the principle of sharpening the Firebird knives also significantly differ from each other. Among the provided models it is possible to find blades with plain, serrated and partially serrated sharpening. Also, the buyer can choose a knife, based on the preferences of the blade color. Under Firebird trademark are represented the models with polished, dark anti-reflective coating, satin, stone-wash and etching of various patterns.

All presented folding knives in this catalog are equipped with various types of locks. The most popular are liner-lock, back-lock and the axis-lock. However, the range of knives isn't limited to the models only with such locks. Any used lock type in Firebird knives allows you to securely lock the blade, that provides the safest transportation and exploitation of the folding blades.

Paying attention to the handles of Firebird knives, you can notice that they are also extremely diverse. For their production can be used such materials as metal, wood, high-strength plastic, composite connections. But despite the used material, all handles are carefully adjusted to the general design of the knife and lay down comfortably in a palm of almost any size. It allows to hold comfortably a knife even during the hardest works.

In general, despite knife model on which your choice has fallen, we guarantee that this knife, with proper care and use, won't bring you. Moreover, it will ensure the maximum comfort and safety during the work practically in any conditions.